Tartus is scrawny and of medium height, with shifty eyes and a nervous gait. He is quite clearly paranoid, and quite possibly addicted to some or other chemical. He is also typically weighed down with a half-dozen or more very sharp blades, typically shivs of various origins. He wears baggy rags, concealing a boiled leather under-vest, bracers and leggings, though he hides them quite well. He wears a bronze ring on his right hand.


Tartus grew up in the slums and side-alleys of Nexus, learning the city like the back of his hand. He has a slightly bipolar personality: he’ll alternate between being your best friend, and threatening to tear your neck out with a shiv in a heartbeat if the conversation takes a turn for the worse. When Orin arrived in Nexus, he discovered that several young ones he knew from Cailin had taken up with Tartus’ gang (called “the Dark Hearth”), and when he tracked them down was introduced to their leader. Tartus, initially seeing Orin as “handy talent”, tried to recruit him. After a very short scuffle, Tartus was put in his place. Orin, however, had other uses for the young man (who must be in his mid twenties), and has since been offering him a form of patronage, teaching him a few useless parlour tricks or offering advice where he could, in an attempt to turn Tartus’ opinion of him from “adversary” to “Friend” – Tartus does not know that Orin is Exalted, but would probably see it as a good thing rather than a bad. Tartus is anything but subtle. Tartus has a bitter rivalry with Rittow, leader of the Glove gang.


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