Orichalcum Blood of the City

Mercenary captin


Orichalcum is the head of a sizable and well-trained mercenary band named The Shields of Eternity. She is attractive, with long, straight, blindingly-white hair. She wears an eye-patch over her left eye, the right showing a piercing blue-grey stare. She is reasonably rough in her manners. She is quite tall (6’1”), but slight of build – but almost all her weight is muscle. She is covered in scars from her many campaigns. She wears a jade breastplate and thick leather leggings, and carries an intricately designed tetsubo, which has clearly seen much use.


Some people suspect her of being a Terrestrial Exalted, but she neither confirms nor denies the rumours, only smirks.

Orichalcum Blood of the City

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