Rittow could be mistaken for any common young man in the city – he wears plain clothes, and has a reasonably calm demeanor. Black, short hair with no beard, he looks like a young artisan or workman. His only odd feature is that he always wears gloves: his gang sows tales of insanity and blood on the rare occasion when Rittow has removed his gloves.


Rittow is a gang leader in Nexus, rival to Tartus – their two areas in the city share an ever-changing border. Rittow’s gang is named the Glove of Steel and Silk (or just “Glove”), and have a habit of preferring threats and insinuation over direct violence, though they’ve used force where necessary. Where Tartus is nervous and leads through a combination of insanity and real violence, Rittow has higher goals – he has heard rumours about The Honourable Sad Ivory, and his habit of employing enforcers out of gangs. He intends to train up his gang before “selling out” and getting a lucrative contact from Ivory. Rittow prefers talking through gang problems, reasoning that ruling by force results in weaker members, something he cannot abide.


Vengeance for Cailin Johenius