The Honourable Sad Ivory

Councilmember of Nexus


Sad Ivory (the Honourable moniker refers to his position as councilmember of Nexus) stands taller than average, and is very well built for a bureaucrat. His handsome features show some aging, and streaks of white and grey in his otherwise pristine thick black hair and perfectly groomed beard show him as a man of good manners. He has an air of leadership about him, and deep blue eyes.


Sad Ivory began his political career by discovering a conspiracy against the council of Nexus and viciously taking it apart after recruiting one of Nexus’ countless gangs. He presented the remains of the conspirators, along with a complete set of evidence outlining their indiscretions and proving that the victims were the entirety of the conspiracy, to the council’s monthly meeting.

He then began to make his ambitions known: he was effective, wily, and could make use of resources incredibly efficiently. He began to petition the council to consider him for a position. Three months later, a council member passed away in strange circumstances, and Sad Ivory redoubled his efforts to enter the elite governors of Nexus. He failed a second time, but within two years when another opening was available, was invited to join. He has proven a competent, if extremely brutal counselmember. He brought with him several street-gangs who he promoted to enforcers of Nexus law – they have been scarily effective, but the harshness of the sentences imposed have given the council pause. They have started mumbling about how they may have erred in naming Sad Ivory a councilmember those twelve years ago, and ‘Ivory has caught wind of this. In an attempt to salvage his political career, he has begun to host a number of lavish parties, expensive and impressive social events that include many of the rich and elite of Nexus.

Some studying of Sad Ivory’s past discovers that he changed his name at some point before his first introduction to the council of Nexus: there is no record of a Sad Ivory being born in, nor entering the city of Nexus.

The Honourable Sad Ivory

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